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HA 405 Midterm Exam Solution

HA 405 Midterm Exam Solution



Question 1. Two groups of philosophers comprise the Big:



Question 2. All of these philosophers except which one, examined the global issues surrounding ethics and ethical decisions?



Question 3. All of these philosophers except which one, studied personal ethics and moral development?



Question 4. __________ is a major element in both legal and ethical aspects of informed consent.



Question 5.5. “First, do no harm” is associated with this term:



Question 6.6. ___________ requires that you go beyond prevention to ethical action.



Question 7.7. __________ is concerned with doing what is perceived to be fair or deserved.



Question 8.8. Which of the following principles would best support the Planetree Model of patient-centered care?



Question 9.9. What does IRB stand for when addressing protection of human subjects?



Question 10.10. Justice for ___________ is when people enter the healthcare system at any level, and they believe that they will be treated with fairness, and that their needs will be met expeditiously.



Question 11.11. _________ reflection can lead to resolution of the situation through appropriate action.



Question 12.12. In the ACHE Code of Ethics, your primary duty is to ___.


Question 13.13. When your words about ethics and your actions do not match, we call this __.



Question 14.14. An ethics issue that could occur during the planning function of management is__.



Question 15.15. Staff motivation, effective teamwork, and at least an I-You relationship with employees are part of __.



Question 16.16. ACHE stands for:



Question 17.17. ______ means HCAs are members of clinical professions as well as being HCAs.



Question 18.18. Practical applications of what NOT to do regarding ethical behavior for your career, are referred to by Morrison as the Suicide _____.



Question 19.19. The essential functions of healthcare administration include all except:



Question 20.20. The non-profit organization, Planetree, was named in honor of:



Question 21.21. The ________ means that there is an obligation to present enough information so that a “reasonable person” would be able to make an informed decision about a procedure.



Question 22.22. Organizational culture is like an iceberg because it:



Question 23.23. Understanding organizational culture helps you to:



Question 24.24. Culture clashes for subcultures happen when:



Question 25.25. Why would an ethics committee use a model? It___.



Question 26.26. Which of the following is NOT a function of an ethics committee?



Question 27.27. In regards to ethics committees, the IRB stands for:



Question 28.28. Pediatrics ethics committees are also called __________ care review committees.



Question 29.29. An ethicist usually has a(n) _______ degree in ethics, bioethics, religion, or a related area and serves in both policy development and patient case review.



Question 30.30. Characteristics of the phenomenon “managerial derailment” would include all except:



Question 31.31. In the Case of the Concerned Managed Care Administrator, the HCA went beyond the minimum requirements of her job to assist Mr. Michigan. This is an application of the principle of ___.



Question 32.32. When people say health care is a paternalistic system, they mean that practitioners __.



Question 33.33. Ethical _________ happens when we slowly move away from the positive values that we hold.



Question 34.34. A key principle of Planetree is that___.



Question 35.35. Another term for administrative evil is:



Question 36.36. If you believe that responsibility goes with all of the choices that you make, you using ___’s concepts.



Question 37. With different professional codes, there is always some congruence in areas except:



Question 38. In social justice, we set up a set of rules or social contract that protects self-interests even for those who are in a lower social position. The reason for this is that __.



Question 39. The highest level on the hierarchy of moral relationships according to Buber is __.



Question 40. Moral/ethical development occurs in stages according to Kohlberg. The community expects healthcare administrators to consistently practice at ___ stage.



Question 41. If you make moral decisions because you want to be known as a good person, you are operating at Stage __ in Kohlberg’s hierarchy.



Question 42. The search for meaning and following your conscience are all features of ___’s concepts relating to ethics.



Question 43. Which of the following is true about confidentiality in health care?



Question 44. The conflict in truth telling often exists between __ and __.



Question 45. Which of the following is true about fidelity?



Question 46. The healthcare administration rule of influencing, can also be:



Question 47. The ______ function is designed to monitor activities and ensure that organizational goals and objectives are met.



Question 48. Which of the following represents an unsafe workplace for employees?



Question 49. The principle of distributive justice means__.



Question 50. The ________ function considers both recruitment and hiring efforts to assure quality employees.